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This summer it’s time for Weeping Willows to continue their acclaimed The Dreams We Weave tour! With 8 musicians on stage – the band, Anders Kappelin (bass), Patrik Kolar (keyboards), Goran Kajfes (trumpet), and Per “Ruskträsk” Johansson (saxophone and flute), they will offer a magnificent summer evening at Hwitan in Falkenberg.

About Weeping Willows
The story of Weeping Willows began back in 1994 when the band was formed. However, the first official single titled “Broken Promise Land” was not released until the summer of 1997. A few months later, the debut album with the same name was released, and nowadays it is a Swedish pop classic that has been released in several different versions and editions. Today, Weeping Willows is one of Sweden’s most experienced, established, and beloved pop bands.

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