STM – Scandinavian Talent Management


Viaplay’s new U.S. streaming service has released the trailer for “Cell 8,” a 6-episode crime series that will premiere exclusively on the platform on April 13. 

Directed by Johan Brisinger and scored by Henrik Lörstad, both STM Talent, the show explores the justice system and death penalty in both Swedish and English. 

“Cell 8” follows detectives Mariana Hermansson and Ewert Grens as they arrest a man presumed dead on a ferry between Sweden and Finland, leading them down a dark path with personal connections to a Death Row prisoner and a grieving parent seeking revenge. Viaplay’s U.S. platform launched on Feb 22 with a range of Nordic series, including “Trom,” “Furia,” and “Threesome.” 

CEO Anders Jensen believes there is room for a niche premium service like Viaplay in the U.S., with a focus on thrillers, drama, and young adult content. Viaplay has millions of subscribers across Europe, the UK, and Australia.