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Carl-Johan Fogelklou is an experienced musician with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. His musical journey began back in 2001 when he joined the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm to pursue a career as a classical double bass player. However, after just a year, his love for Rock ‘n’ Roll took over, and he began his career in the genre.

In 2000, CeeJay joined Mando Diao, a now well-known band, and in 2002 they received their first record deal. Throughout his time with Mando Diao, CeeJay has always had a keen interest in soundscaping and sound design. He has played a significant role in the production and songwriting on all 11 studio albums with the band.

In 2019, CeeJay joined forces with Fredrik Segerfalk to record their debut album, Swedish Library Grooves vol 2. This project allowed them to explore their fantastic capacity for writing songs together. Their deep interest in a variety of genres, such as 70’s soul/jazz, hip hop, R&B, electronic music, synthesizers, and film music, has started a chain reaction of never-before-seen potential.

For the past three years, CeeJay has been deeply involved in commercial music, particularly in collaboration with the Swedish food company, Dafgårds. He has taken charge of creating the music for almost all of their advertisements, showcasing his skills and versatility as a musician.

CeeJay’s extensive experience and talent in music have allowed him to explore and develop his own unique style. He is a versatile musician with a diverse range of interests and skills, which have helped him to become a successful artist in the industry.