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CARL 'deadlift.miyagi' JOHANSSON


At just 22 years old, Carl Johansson from Falkenberg has made a huge impact as a powerlifter. Since he started competing, he has dominated the sport, leaving his opponents in awe. Carl is currently Open World Champion (2023), European JR Champion (2022) and Swedish Open Champion (2023).

Carl is a true advocate of healthy living. He takes great care of his body and pays close attention to the nutrients he consumes, as he believes that achieving the perfect balance of mass and strength requires mastery of this art and the use of only clean supplements. In order to compete at the highest level, one must also be able to control their mind. During the long preparations leading up to a championship, as well as during the competition itself, athletes will face immense pressure on their motivation, body, and mind. The ability to control these factors is what separates professional athletes from the rest.

Outside of powerlifting, Carl also gives lectures on his life story, which includes overcoming mental illness and rising from a troubled teenager to a world stage athlete. He is also developing his own YouTube channel where he will share his training techniques, pro tips, and delve into cooking and nutrition.

According to Carl, the most important aspect of training at this level is sustainability. The body must be able to maintain itself over time, and in addition to building a strong physique, one must also develop a strong mind. This is the mentality of a true world champion.