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Henrik Lörstad is a Swedish composer, with a vast range of works in film, television, and theater. He has collaborated with director Johan Brisinger on numerous projects, commercials as well as full length movies such as Underbara Älskade and Among Us, featuring Michael Nyqvist alongside Izabella Scorupco, both dramas with psychological conflicts.
He has created the score for one of the Swedish versions of the popular TV Movie-series Wallander; The Pyramid and he recently also wrote the score for the crime writers Roslunds & Hellström’s Cell 8 which hails in the same sphere.

Lörstad’s work with the popular children’s characters Bamse and Mamma Moo has also been well-received. His playful and whimsical orchestral scores for these characters perfectly captures the spirit of the stories, adding an extra layer of joy and wonder for young audiences. Bamse is currently one of the most seen Swedish cartoons to date, shown in over 50 countries. The music for the Bamse films have all been recorded by the most competent symphony orchestras in Sweden.

Lörstad’s music ranges from uplifting and lighthearted to moody and melancholic, showcasing his versatility and range. His ability to combine classical music training with a modern, innovative sound has made his music memorable and influential and his ability to adapt to various styles and genres has made him a significant contributor to Swedish music.