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Once a celebrated pop star, Jennie Löfgren is now Sweden’s most established female film score composer. 
Jennie found early fame as a singer/songwriter and producer, her music becoming a staple of Swedish radio. During that period she realized that she was more interested in creating, producing and writing music than being an artist.

Jennie Löfgren and Anders Herrlin have been a collaborative team since the late 90s, with a focus on pop music initially. However, they expanded their musical repertoire by composing the music for their first feature film, Beck – Skarpt Läge, in 2006. They continued to score movies and work extensively in television and commercials. One of their latest projects, Heder, consisting of three seasons, was a top-streamed show on Viaplay from 2019 to 2022.

In September 2018, Jennie ventured into creating her first solo work of instrumental music. She released the first part of her Dreamology series, which features a collection of delicate and beautiful piano pieces. Additionally, Jennie directed and shot the video for the first track, The Waves. In October of the same year, The Waves became the ninth most played classical track on Apple Music in the USA.

In 2013 Jennie & Anders were rewarded with SKAPs’ award for their achievements in Swedish film music.

They are currently based in Stockholm, where they have their recording studios. 


Website: Jennie and Anders 
Website: Jennie Löfgren