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Kristofer Greczula is one of those rare artists who possess a complete mastery of their craft, exceptional talent, star power, and an impeccable sense of style. Along with like-minded co-writers and producers, the possibilities of what can be accomplished are limitless.

In 2021, everything fell into place for Kristofer – he found himself, the right collaborators, and the inspiration of his role models who were able to create music that both set dance floors ablaze and touched the hearts of listeners. Like Prince and Bowie, who were influential to him visually, Kristofer exudes a natural androgynous charisma and enigmatic sense of style that sparks curiosity.

The next year, Greczula released his first solo album, Live and Let Live, and embarked on an extensive tour, headlining and supporting acts such as Mando Diao and Uno Svenningsson. He has been critically acclaimed for his live performances with his full band but even with just himself and a guitar, he captivates audiences with his voice, which is not surprising given that he has been on stage since his teenage years. Greczula’s presence on stage is undeniable and leaves a lasting impression.