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Myra & ISA


Myra Granberg and Isa Tengblad have joined forces to form a powerful producer duo. Their partnership combines their songwriting skills, Isa’s emotive vocals, lyrical depth and productions skills with Myra’s melodical and lyrical storytelling, as well as her dynamic productions, resulting in a truly unique and compelling sonic experience. 

Their shared vision of breaking boundaries, playfulness and complementary skills create a synergy that allows them to push boundaries and explore new creative territories with whomever they work with. They have already started to work on Myra┬┤s new album and are booked to work with Lasse Skriver from Denmark and Sheego from Sweden in the autumn.

Myra Granberg is a Swedish accomplished artist, producer and songwriter. Her expertise lies in crafting infectious melodies and creating captivating productions. Myra has worked with numerous artists in the industry, contributing to several hit songs and collaborating with renowned producers and songwriters. Her talent for bringing out the best in an artist’s vision, combined with her keen ear for catchy hooks, has made her an in-demand collaborator. 

Isa Tengblad, also hailing from Sweden, is a singer, songwriter, and producer known for her captivating voice and versatile musical style. Isa has been steadily building her career, releasing several successful singles and albums. Her music seamlessly blends elements of pop, R&B, and electronic genres, creating a unique and refreshing sound.